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Mountain Boy Sledworks

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~About Mountain Boy Sledworks~

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Mountain Boy Founder Brice Hoskin

Founded in 2002 by woodworker and self-proclaimed sledding fanatic Brice Hoskin, Mountain Boy Sledworks has grown to be the United States' premier maker of handmade wooden sleds.  In 2012, Jen and Rick Hitzemann fell in love with Mountain Boy.  Combining their deep love of winter sports, woodworking and the Colorado mountains, they have taken over operations and continue to build upon the great Mountain Boy tradition.   Mountain Boy is still based in Colorado where sledding is a way of life!

Our Environmental Commitment

 We are working hard to minimize the impact of all of our operations on the environment. Some key elements include:

  • Using only frustration-free, recycled cardboard packaging

  • Choosing only fast-growing, common, sustainable hardwoods such as birch, willow and maple

  • Ensuring that every part of the wood is used. Smaller pieces are turned into kicksled slats or Christmas ornaments, and the smallest bits end up in our woodstove or in the wood-drying kiln.

  • Just as important, making products that last! We think it makes sense to buy a sled (or wagon or push cart) that will last for years, rather than buying a cheaper sled that won't last nearly as long.

Toy Safety

All of our products are tested to meet CPSIA, ASTM, USC and European CE standards. For our Certificate of Compliance, click here.

In The News:

SmartMoney magazine says our Mountain Boggan is "worth it." We think so too!

Sled Town USA: The Denver Post ran a great article about our Norman Rockwellian life in the Colorado mountains.

The New York Times featured our Ultimate Flyer in their Holiday Gift Guide.

The Sacramento Bee recommended our Mountain Boggan in their Christmas Gift Guide.


Outside Magazine recommended our Mountain Boggan in their annual Ultimate Gift Guide. To see the article, click here.


People Magazine also included the Mountain Boggan in their famous Gift Guide. To see the article, click here.


A string of Canadian papers (the the Ottawa Citizen, Windsor Star, Winnipeg Free Press, Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun and Saskatoon Star Phoenix),  did a fun article about "souped-up sleds" becoming the ultimate in kid style. We just think they're fun!

Cookie Magazine called the Classic Flyer "worth its weight in gold." To see the article, click here.


The Rocky Mountain News did a fun article about our "signature, steerable $400 wooden sleds in burnished cherry, oak, birch and other woods that ripple with character." To see the article, click here.

Denver's 9 News ran a fun short segment on the Ultimate Flyer. To see the article, click here.

Better Homes & Gardens recommended the Bambino Pull Sled in their 2005 Parent's Choice Toy Buying Guide. They called it a "classic-looking sled," just right to "pull little ones through any winter wonderland." To see the article, click here.

Outside Magazine recommended the Ultimate Flyer in their 2004 Holiday Gift Guide, calling it a "steerable snow rocket." To see the article, click here.

The New York Times named the Ultimate Flyer an "instant heirloom." To see the article, click here.


Better Homes & Gardens called the Ultimate Flyer "a modern sled that will give anything over the hill a run for the money" in its February 2005 issue. To see the article, click here.

Diane Sawyer, anchor of Good Morning America, chose an Elegant Flyer as a gift for weatherman Mike Barz.