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~The Sled Book~

Mountain Boy Sledmaker
Brice Hoskin takes readers through a brief history of sleds and sledding, and taps into the emotional pull that many of us feel when we see those first frosty snowflakes — and a beautiful, fast sled. From the use of sleds in the Olympics and the proper technique for kicksledding to choosing a good hill and making the perfect après-ski cocoa, this book is sure to charm anyone who likes sleds, at any age.

A former writer and editor, Brice Hoskin combined his lifelong love of sledding and business acumen to found Mountain Boy Sledworks, a company devoted to the creation of hand-crafted sleds that are functional and so much fun to use they make grownups feels like children.

Brice’s company is located in Silverton, Colorado; at 9,318 feet in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. Silverton receives 150 inches of snow a year on average, making it a sledding haven — and the perfect testing ground for Mountain Boy sleds. Throughout the winter, local families can be seen using Hoskin’s sleds to take their children to school, get groceries, and race down the nearby ski hill.

This 128-page illustrated book is an excellent
companion to any sled gift. Add a personalized autograph for an extra special touch only available from us.

Published by The Mountaineers Books, Seattle, Washington.

~We ship in 1-2 business days~
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