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Mountain Boy Sledworks

PO Box 185
583 County Line Road
Palmer Lake, CO 80133
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~Spare Parts~
We hope you are using your Mountain Boy sleds and wagons so much that you need some replacement parts! If you don't see what you need below, please call us at (800) 989-5077 or email info@mountainboysleds.com.

One note: people ask us what we call the slippery plastic bottoms on our sleds and, for lack of a better word, we call them "skids."

If you are in Alaska or Canada and need one of the parts below, please contact us.

Item Shipping To:

Steering handle for Ultimate Flyer (fits Ultimate Flyer 47" and 52" sleds) $10.00

Steering handle for Slalom Sled (this is our newest, extra-thick molded plywood handle. If you have an earlier model, the Ultimate Flyer handle will fit).  $10.00

Steering Handle Classic Flyer $10.00

Skids for Ultimate Flyer, both front and back (fits both sizes of Ultimate Flyer and the Elegant Flyer). $25.00

Out of stock

Plastic runners for Slalom Sled (set of 4) $10.00

Metal runners for Classic Flyer (set of 2) $40.00

Skid for Bambino Grande, Bambino Superior or Grasshopper $15.00

Side rail for Ultimate Flyer 47" $10.00

Side rail for Ultimate Flyer 52" $10.00

Side rail for Classic Flyer $10.00

Replacement Slat for 4-Foot Mountain Boggan $25.00

Replacement Slat for 6-Foot Mountain Boggan $30.00

Kicksled runners (fits Silverton Kicksled and Double Kicksled) $50.00
Pull handle for Butterfly Convertible Sled/Wagon or Grasshopper Convertible Sled/Wagon $10.00
Replacement  wheel for Butterfly Convertible Sled/Wagon  $20.00